1. swap between Ben Armson http://barmson.tumblr.com/ (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    Ben sent me these great guys on a flag shaped card.

    I sent Ben a citizens of the Spectrum card.

  2. lizzie-donegan:

    Postcard swap! This time I’ve swapped with Barcelona based @Hey_Sosi AKA Sofia Schizas, mine is the collage portrait at the top and Sofia made the beautiful embroidered face underneath. Thanks Sofia! Loving the pom pom and the colour scheme! Cute postage stamps and Hey Sosi’s own ink stamp on the back too.
    See more of Sofia’s work at http://handandpaper.tumblr.com/

    Great swap between club member Lizzie Donegan and new member Hey Sofia Schizas. Sofia’s card is Postcard Clubs first sewn card i believe!

  3. Swap between club members Max Machen http://www.maxmachen.com/ (Top and Middle) and Tom Hardwick http://www.hardwickillustration.co.uk/(Bottom).

    This is such a bright and summery swap between Tom and Max.

    Max sent Tom a pullout screen print saying adios before he went on holiday.

    Tom sent Max a tall man on his travels.

  4. Swap between Jason Sturgill http://jasonsturgill.com (L) and Ed Cheverton (R)

    Jason sent me this lovely critter (added to my Postcard Club menagerie)

    I sent Jason a postcard of the Magi of the Plains.

  5. swap between Marta Claret www.martaclaret.blogspot.com (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    Marta sent me this cute dog and owner card.

    I sent Marta a reversable collage card.

  6. kensausage:

    This is mi first postcard swapping in the postcardclub!! i received a chedwardbeaverdam cool postcard with nice hats! :)

    Great postcard swap between Ed Cheverton (top) and Cristian Robles (bottom).

  7. Swap between James Fisher http://imadogperson.tumblr.com/ (L) and Ed Cheverton (R)

    James sent me this great card of his guys beating up mine. It folded out to reveal the truth, they’re all friends.

    I sent James a mounted mage.

  8. Postcard Swap between Jes Hoskin (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    This might be one of the most ‘international’ swaps I’ve done. When Jes asked me to do a swap she was based in New Zealand, when she sent the card however she had moved to Australia!

    Jes sent me this great card featuring 42 shamans in wapaint.

    I sent Jes a happy helicopter and a copy of New Fun.

  9. swap between Kristen Haffner (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    Really nice swap with Kristen who sent me this photo collage postcard!

    I send Kristin a collage that was made whilst I was being filmed (more on this soon!)

  10. harleyrossillustrates:

    My second swap with Postcard Club with my good old pal Rachael Balsaitis. In response to my alligator mage, she sent me some sort of shambling creature wandering through a lovely town.

    I really love her work so go check out her website.

    Nice swap between Harley Ross and Rachael Balsaitis