1. toby-rampton:

    Just finished a great swap for postcard club with new club member Aleesha Nandhra (bottom). She sent me a suave banjo player! (I like to imagine he looks like Robin Williams). If you aren’t familiar with her work you should check it out!

    I sent Aleesha a ship in a bottle postcard (top), the infamous HMS Draper, who fought along the shores of the river Camb. It has slip on feet so it can stand on a mantlepiece!

    Excellent swap here between club member Toby Rampton and new member Aleesha Nandhra!

    Absolutely love Toby’s ship in a bottle card, great idea for a postcard! And Aleesha’s banjo player is very charming.

  2. michellelast:

    another swap for postcard club, this time with lucy letherland!
    i sent her the funny postcard man, and she sent me this fantastic image of a dinosaur painting, which put a huge smile on my face when i found it in the postbox.
    thanks for a great swap!

    A charmingly fun swap between club members Michelle Last (top) and Lucy Letherland (bottom).

  3. Swap betwen Llew Mejia http://www.llewmejia.com/ (top) and Mike Driver http://mikewdriver.tumblr.com/ (bottom).

    Another lovely geometric card from Mike, this time sending to new member Llew Mejia (welcome to the club!).

    Again with Llew’s card, it’s lovely to see the sender’s location referenced.

  4. Swap between Reece Wykes http://reecewykes.tumblr.com/ (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    Lovely swap here, Reece sent me some really nice plant life.

    I sent an Earth Mother card.

  5. mariannamadriz:

    A sublime postcard swap with Galactic Black (Top two) and me (bottom). 

    This is one of the sweetest pieces of mail I’ve received! Gal sent me a drawing (the first traditional one he’s done in over 10 years!) depicting my main character from my children’s book! How nice is that!?

    I sent Gal a postcard featuring a lil’ lake with a floating character, and many fishes, and the lyrics to the Harpers Bizzare’s 59th Street Bridge Song.

    (Just realised this is my 10th postcard swap documented online, woah!)

    Congratulations to Marianna Madriz on her 10th Postcard swap!

    This is a wonderful swap with Galactic Black. Really nice when one swapper references the other’s work.

    Long live Postcard Club!

  6. Really nice swap between club members Jason Sturgill (L) and Mike Driver (R).

    I really like artists referencing the origin of their postcard, ‘meow from Portland’. I’m really glad at how global the club has become!

  7. mariannamadriz:

    Postcard swap between Bethan Mure (top) and me (bottom). 

    I met and made friends with Beth not very long ago in London, and we were more than up for switching a postcard together! She’s such a lovely spirit, and her colourful postcard featuring a little raccoon character is delightful. I sent her a drawing of a 60s smoky lady inspired by this photograph of Penelope Tree.

    Really great swap between Marianna Madriz and Bethan Mure!

  8. sophiefranz:

    Postcard swap with robertickismirolo!  Mine is the top image, his is the bottom. 

    Great swap between Sophie Franz (top) and Robert Mirolo.

  9. mariannamadriz:

    Great postcard swap with Ben Javens (first and second) and me (bottom). 

    Ben has long been one of my favourite illustrators, so I’m really thrilled and happy that we’ve swapped artwork together! He sent me a yellow melancholic chap lying in the ground, with a lovely drawing in the back of his postcard as shown above; and I sent him a very very colourful lady. 

    Lovely swap between club members Ben Javens (top) and Marianna Madriz (bottom).

  10. Swap between Mike Driver http://mikewdriver.tumblr.com/ (L) and Tom Healey aka Mr Dog head http://mrdoghead.tumblr.com/ (R)

    Great swap between two great club members! Postcards look great on wood!