1. whoisrorycahill:

    Postcard swap between me (top) and British Illustration’s golden boy Ed Cheverton. He nailed it. We are all cosmic citizens.

    Lovely swap with lovely lad Rory Cahill. Rory once gave me a nutrigrain bar when i was sad at uni.

  2. maiafjord:

    A neat postcard swap between Amy Victoria Marsh and myself!

    She sent me a man doing something cheeky in the wilderness (top), and I sent her a lil’ lady and her dog, enjoying the last of summer (bottom). I think Amy’s postcard looks so good against the plants here!

    Wonderful summery swap here between Amy Marsh and Maia Fjord.

    Also beautifully photographed with plants!


  3. Interview with YCN about the ethos of Postcard Club!

  4. I was updating the members list earlier today and saw that we have now passed 100 members!!!

    I’m so glad that this network of creatives is growing strong, thanks to everyone taking part and I hope you have enjoyed it so far!

    - Ed

  5. lizzie-donegan:

    I did a postcard swap for postcard-club with illustrator Maya Pletscher, mine’s the face and Maya’s is the cute painted plant, loving the painted tiles too, it’s a really soothing picture to look at- thanks Maya! Lots more pretty things on Maya’s blog http://mayabeeillustrations.tumblr.com/

    Nice and colourful swap here between Maya Pletscher and Lizzie Donegan!

  6. Gorgeous cards here in a swap between Adam Avery (left) http://thesuffolkpunchpress.com/ and Mike Driver (right) http://mikewdriver.tumblr.com/.

    Welcome to Postcard Club Adam!

  7. Swap between Ed Cheverton (top) and Tim Furey (bottom).

    Tim sent me this gorgeous mixed media collage. He makes some excellent dioramas http://timfurey.tumblr.com/

    I sent Tim a Dark Knight card.

  8. mariannamadriz:

    It’s been a little while but here’s another postcard swap, and it’s a special one! This is between Frannerd (Top), and me (Bottom).

    I met Fran months ago during the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin, and as soon as I saw her work I fell in love. Her illustrations are as lovely, funny and kind hearted as her, and I’m sure anyone who knows her will agree with me. I really recommend everybody to check her out (anyone Spanish speaking can follow her blog in Spanish here). Her vlogs are very fun too! 

    Fran sent me a wonderful autumn themed postcard, very fit for this change of weather! She often draws herself with her two cats, so I thought that it’d be perfect to send her a very feline postcard back.

    Muchísimas gracias Fran!

    Lovely swap between Marianna Madriz and new member Frannerd.

  9. mariannamadriz:

    Postcard swap with Lie Dirkx (top) and me (bottom).

    We decided to theme our swap and make it about animals in roller skates. How fun!  My favourite is Lie’s super flexible octopus.  

    Fantastic swap here between Lie Dirkx and Marianna Madriz.

    Wonderful characters on both cards :).

  10. mrdoghead:

    Here’s a recent swap for Postcard Club with the awesome Lizzie Lomax 

    She sent me the cool house in a forrest and in return i sent her a picture of her holding 2 balloons. 

    A pleasure to do a swap with lizzie. 

    Lovely swap here between Lizzie Lomax (top) and Tom Healey (bottom).