1. toby-rampton:

    Super cool postcard swap with new member Millie Popovic!

    Millie sent me this smashing silhouette postcard (bottom). It looks blank until you hold it against a window, to reveal a new view!

    I sent Snowy from a four part Tintin themed postcard collection! (top).

    Millie is one half of POP Pen On Paper, it is well worth a look as well!

    Amazing swap here between Toby Rampton and Millie Popovic. Toby sent Millie one of his great Tintin themed card and Millie sent Toby an incredibly inventive card. Great concept!

  2. toby-rampton:

    A great swap with new club member Amanda Banham

    Amanda sent me a collage crop of a current little animated project she is working on, very teasing, I want to see it all now! (bottom)

    I sent Amanda a parrot from one of my favorite Tintin episodes (top). It’s part of a set of four that are in the post across the UK!

    Great swap here between club veteran Toby Rampton and new member Amanda Banham! Welcome Amanda, happy swapping :).

  3. lizzie-donegan:

    I swapped a postcard with fellow Yorkshire lass Louise Lockhart of The @printedpeanut, I sent Louise the ‘hello’ face and Louise sent me this splendid inky portrait, doubly delightful as I think it looks like me! See more from Louise here http://www.theprintedpeanut.co.uk/

    Great fun swap between Lizzie Donegan and Louise Lockhart!

  4. toby-rampton:

    A fun little toy swap with Max Machen!

    Max sent me this super cool plane (bottom) with some string so it can catch a breeze! TR airlines… Very cool!

    I sent a butchers cow puzzle (top) based on a previous project by Max, it turned out more creepy than I intended though!

    Absolutely brilliant swap here between Toby Rampton and Max Machen. Two very charming and fun cards!

  5. toby-rampton:

    Just finished a complimentary swap with Louise Lockhart (The Printed Peanut).

    Louise sent me a double sided Cafe postcard (bottom) full with lots of fun characters. It feels like you are actualy stepping into a busy cafe!

    I sent Louise a fold-up peanut pub (top), where Cashews and Nobby’s Nuts come second to the finest nut in the world!

    Wonderful swap here between the great Toby Rampton and Louise Lockhart. Two excellent shop themed and shaped cards

  6. michellelast:

    another postcard club swap! this one was with aleesha nandhra.
    i sent her the funny fellow on the left. aleesha sent me a postcard before the one shown, but it got lost in the post so she kindly made me a second one, which i love. it’s so different! thanks for the fun swap!

    Lovely swap here between Michelle Last and Alessha Nandhra. Really like Michelle’s simple character, and Aleesha’s delicate card is gorgeous!

  7. Swap between Reuben Martindale and Ed Cheverton.

    Reuben sent me a really lovely mixed media collage and I sent him some impulsively free-men.

  8. toby-rampton:

    zooooom! Great postcard swap with Lewis Moran!

    Lewis (bottom) sent me a hefty sized postcard with a mother and child in a forest, I love the speckled trees as well!.

    I sent a drawing of one of my favorite toy cars whizzing along (top).

    Really nice swap here between Toby Rampton and new member Lewis Moran, welcome to the club Lewis!

  9. maiafjord:

    Postcard swap! This time between myself and Mike Driver.

    I sent Mike a frantic business man chasing his unruly briefcase (top), and Mike sent me a monochrome geometric postcard (bottom). Lovely!

    Great swap between Maia Fjord and Mike Driver!

  10. tomhardwickillustration:

    I did a swap with Janneke de Jong for the postcard club.

    I sent Janneke a hairy black bear so she replied with a fluffy lady.

    (If anyone wants to do a postcard swap let me know!)

    Two wonderful cards here from Tom Hardwick and Janneke De Jong.