1. toby-rampton:

    Ah! I am so pleased with all these amazing postcards I have recieved over the last month, this one is a real treat by Amy Marsh!

    Amy (bottom) sent me this great 2 page postcard of a scientest with a brilliant reveal! Is this a painting of me? It’s basicaly what happens whenever I try to mix a nice turquoise!

    I sent sent Amy a fox sherrif hunting down a nudist in a forest (top) with a sliding mechanism to reveal his escape!(?)

    Another great swap from Toby Rampton, this time swapping with Amy Marsh who sent this awesome painted fold out card!

  2. swap between David Doran http://www.daviddoran.co.uk/ (L) and Josh Robinson http://josh-robinson.tumblr.com/ (R).

    This is actually quite an old swap between Dave and Josh, I missed it when going through swaps to post up! So a big apology to Dave and Josh from me!

    Great swap here, really like the mutual colour scheme.

  3. Great swap between Victoria Tutunjian http://hotdoghands.tumblr.com and Mike Driver http://mikewdriver.tumblr.com/.

    A warm welcome to new club member Victoria with her greenery card and another great geometric card from Mike!

  4. handandpaper:

    My second postcard swap for the postcard-club, this time with Jason Sturgill jgspdx. He sent me a lovely illustration of a turtle reminding me to eat my greens, which I love & I sent him a balcony with plants and chair so he can relax when tired!

    Great swap between Sofia Schizas and Jason Sturgill. Loving Sofia’s hand sewn cards and Jason’s turtle is adorable.

  5. sophiefranz:

    Postcard swap with Dyemond Obryan!  Top image is by me, bottom image is by him.  I like how both coincidentally contain pink flowers.

    Stunning swap here between Sophie Franz (top) and new club member Dyemond Obryani (bottom).

  6. mariannamadriz:

    Postcard swap between Jess Procter (Top) and me (bottom).

    Jess’ arrange of plants were a very lovely thing to receive through the letter box today. It brightened my day instantly! It’s fun how we both used paper collage for our postcards.

    Lovely collage swap here between Jess Procter (top) and Marianna Madriz (bottom).

  7. j-perkin:


    Jayde Perkin and I swapped postcards! 

    She sent me a lovely painting of Morrissey (top). Isn’t he handsome?

    I painted her the Mystery Machine (bottom) to take her on all her adventures. 


    yay :) 

    Lovely swap between Jayde Perkin and Amy Victoria Marsh

  8. toby-rampton:

    Just finished another great swap with new member Jess Bennett.

    Jess sent me this cracking tiger (bottom) with a little mechanism inside to reveal a ROARING surprise. If you are not familiar with Jess’s work, check her website here!

    I sent Jess a fold out post[er]card (top) that reveals a muffin man on his daily rounds. He folds out like an old city map!

    A most excellent swap between Toby Rampton (top) and Jess Bennett (bottom). Great cards here, Toby went for a fold out format which is always a winner and Jess’s card is a fantastic pop out tiger!

  9. mikewdriver:

    A few of the post card swaps I did this week! :)

    Mike’s been making some brilliant cards!

  10. Swap between Nick Alston http://www.nickalston.co.uk/ (L) and Mike Driver http://mikewdriver.tumblr.com/ (R).

    Lovely swap between lovely chaps Mike and new member Nick.